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Thanks for posting this fascinating and important resource, Donka! I am
having a look at it now.

I will share the following with you. I got into conversation with someone
in the /r/ukrainianconflict subforum in Reddit last night.
He posted information of resources the U.S.A. is providing in Ukraine now
and for years. Here is what he said and my replies in case this is of any
interest to you.
The message is to move steadily onward promoting permaculture and keeping
the movement alive.

This thread was in response to a post of this link to a news article at

Ukrainians Are Crowdfunding the Fight Against Russia (bloomberg.com)

My friend says:

>>>> American support has been limited to advisers sent by President Obama
and antitank missiles sent by President Trump.

This part of the article is factually incorrect. Since as far back as 1992
the government of the USA has, through its various agencies, supported
Ukraine democracy-building programs, military assistance, border security,
human trafficking issues, international narcotics abatement and law
enforcement interdiction. The total amount of aid has been estimated at
over USD $7.0 billion.

More than 3,100 Americans have served in the Peace Corps in Ukraine since
independence. Currently there are 342 U.S. Peace Corps volunteers serving
in Ukraine – more than in any other country. *humanitarian and transition
assistance has helped internally displaced persons and populations affected
by the war, and has helped in communities in the east to increase support
for an inclusive Ukrainian identity and to increase citizen engagement in
the reform process in local communities. It has supported the most
vulnerable members of Ukrainian society, and has been at the forefront of
Ukraine’s fight against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and polio, as well as in
improving maternal and infant health.*

Without the threat of an American response, the argument, though not mine,
could be made that Russia would already have made it to Kiev. The USA has
consistently been committed to the independence of Ukraine and its path to
real democracy. It's up to Ukraine to secure that support by ensuring
reforms and anti-corruption efforts are implemented. Ukraine won't be built
in a day, but it must move deliberately and quickly to secure the future.

My reply:

Thanks for this wonderful update, very much appreciated. Most of this was
unknown to me. I am involved with the Permaculture movement which includes
natural agriculture as one of its components. Many of its teachers and
practitioners travel to countries with people in need (including Russia who
gave a prestigious award to the man who started the movement, Bill
Mollison) and perform field work through training and hands-on help, food
production, housing, water supplies and energy. A proper stage in the
evolution of this movement should include recognizing the value of these
field workers by providing funding to subsidize their very valuable work in
places like Ukraine. Permaculture would be of immense value to Ukrainians
especially those living a marginal existence. Google permaculture.

His reply:

Interesting; thanks. I have some familiarity with the use of native plant
materials and landscapes, sustainable development and green building
concepts. You are probably already in the know about the USGBC (U.S. Green
Building Council) and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

My reply:

I have heard of LEED but not USGBC. They are related as are many other
renewable energy and agriculture organizations are. They have their place.
Permaculture is a microcosm of interrelated disciplines and is now taught
as a curriculum in some universities. It is complex, provocative and
fascinating. The enthusiasm emanates from design workshops to all who
participate. The founder Bill Mollison said that the only limit to a
permaculture design is any limitation of the designer's imagination. Go
here to see more: https://lists.ibiblio.org/mailman/listinfo/permaculture
and here: https://sites.google.com/site/avantgeared/

Those two sites are my work since 1992. If I were *a lot* younger I would
enjoy visiting rural Ukraine and helping build a countrywide network of
permaculture-oriented communal agrarian villages with marketing coops and
practitioner-worker collectives. Hey, the Modern Peasant, sovereign and
independent. Peasant sovereignty is an important new trend these days for
urban and rural people. Ukraine is the New Great Frontier.

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>  Dear permies,
> With pleasure I introduce to you the Presentations and Conference
> proceedings from the Ukranian Urban Permaculture Conference, 26-27th of
> January, 2019
> Thanks to the Ukranian Permaculture Association, the Open International
> University of Human Development “Ukraine” and to Pavlo Ardanov, PhD for the
> incredible initiative and organization!
>  -------------------------------------------------------------
>  All presentations from the Conference:
> https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgkXFbx7nmkCcjDhqGdoqnz5RHu2bqzgZ
>  Conference proceedings:
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vSOoNpfclSrgoCoxO7fso7yHYlEBwJlsK2_JwHbA6Of3ZUVx54Rsp-w-IWcWvIqVBaxNUtftuFXeDRH/pub
> Best wishes,
> Donka Radeva
> PhD in Ecological Economics
> University of National and World Economy, Sofia
> Partnership in Organic Gardens Oreshak
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