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This is Jeremy in Skagit Valley, WA. Living intimately with the climactic variations of the year appeals to me. The concept of “season extenders” is fun to play around with. Diving into the ground like a tortoise or badger makes a lot of sense. I would hope a root cellar would be about empty by the time it starts to warm up. Then the space might be used for other things temporarily.  
 Perhaps dig a test hole and experiment with it. A friend showed me a deep hole covered with tempered glass.  Inside he had several overwintering house plants. I have several cans and buckets of paint that say “do not freeze” on them. I’m thinking of digging a hole for them while I go to Baja lol.   Jeremy 

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On Monday, December 3, 2018, 12:54 AM, Christian Skiba <c.skiba at gmx.de> wrote:


I'm planning to build an underground greenhouse with an earth cellar.

As benefits I see
- more (earth-) heat radiating wall surface in winter
- one instead of two construction sites (one big hole instead of two 
small ones)
- possibly the use of CO2 from the storage crops for the greenhouse 
plants (during the day)

I think in the summertime there must be a closed door between them to 
prevent the cellar to be heated by the greenhouse.

Would you say that there are other advantages when combining this two 

Are there any disadvantages?

Greetings from Germany
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