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Dear Scott and All,


"Introduction to Cybernetics and the Future" by Mary Catherine Bateson:


another question:
Permaculture seen not as "a movement" but rather as "space and time" in our

Us and systems evolving in this "space and time"?
Not to "evolve it", rather it "to evolve us together"?

In the end, the path makes the people making the path ...

On Sat, Apr 21, 2018 at 4:38 PM, Scott Pittman <scott at permaculture.org>

> I think this can be "a" step, "the next big step" not hardly.  I don't
> have much faith in "Transition Town" they don't seem to have much traction
> in the U.S.A.  Too much focus on process and too little on action seems the
> most common complaint.
> I also have given up on the IPC; I have flogged "invisible structures"
> through four IPC's with my Elephant in the Room sessions and have been met
> with scorn, approbation, and lack of interest.  The genome seems to be
> configured to capitalism in most humans and I see that greed trumps (that
> word again) "care". Without a major focus on ethics permaculture is mired
> in the swamp of "herbal spirals" and "swales" and I, frankly, am bored to
> tears with both subjects.
> What brought me to permaculture was the ethics, principals and invisible
> structures; all the rest was "technique".  Seems we have lost our focus and
> are slipping back into the same old paradigm we were fighting to overcome.
> The core of permaculture  is "care" and care translates into love in most
> cultures.  Love has been at the core of virtually every spiritual tradition
> since the maternalistic societies of the middle east and as such have
> endured the ravages of time, though much diminished by religiosity
> a "carrot/stick" pedagogy.
> Where that leaves me is to continue thinking my way through how to escape
> the mire of the current paradigm ( and certainly Trump is a huge harbinger
> of this paradigm) without violence, and lies.  I am still puzzling my way
> through my book "Dharma of Permaculture", but it is not an easy task.  I am
> also trying to maintain so faith in the divine nature of man, though I
> often want to sink into the nihilistic "fuck it".
> Scott Pittman
> Permaculture Institute
> On 4/20/2018 10:50 AM, Steve Hart wrote:
>> This event could be the next big step ?
>> https://blog.p2pfoundation.net/transition-together-an-intern
>> ational-symposium-on-the-need-for-societal-transitions-and-s
>> ystems-level-change/2018/02/19
>> ​I assume there will be many UK Permies in attendance and also sure we all
>> look fwd to the summaries and ongoing steps. Finally it seems many of our
>> "Invisible Structures" are coming out of the closet. Perhaps the reality
>> and truth behind all the ghosts and smoking mirrors will be exposed to to
>> allow us to better interpret where we have come from and how our societies
>> have been conditioned, to then move forward.  Hopefully we can evolve this
>> thread through IPCs​
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