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Mon Apr 23 04:46:35 EDT 2018

On Mon, Apr 23, 2018 at 4:30 AM, Lawrence London <lfljvenaura at gmail.com>

>> and political system (Can anyone say "Green Party?").
> North Carolina now has the Green Party on the ballot.
> [I just hope the commies don't get to dominate the agenda, they know
> nothing about permaculture and are not interested]

To clarify my position, I oppose anything communist but fully support and
promote certain socialist systems such as rural, and in some cases urban,
agrarian communal societies
and collectivist production systems. Coops, collectives and other
people-run, -owned, -operated marketing systems are the thing. We need all
this now. I have written about this many time and included a ton of
background material, links, extracts of documents and particularly provided
support for the world of peasants and peasant sovereignty. It may sound
weird but this is what many of us need now, in the USA, Europe and
This as a hedge against the ravages of corporate intrusion and tinpot
dictators into and destruction of local economies and traditional food
production systems.

Lawrence F. London, Jr.
lfljvenaura at gmail.com

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