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> Dear All,
> This Thursday and Friday, as a part of "Night in the Museum" event, I am
> going to be doing small lectures/workshops on permaculture. The audience
> will be groups of about 15-20 middle-school and high-school students. Each
> lecture/workshop will take 45 minutes.
> Do you have any suggestions, resources, links, etc., on how to make these
> as effective as possible?

This is something that might show you certain topics you could expand on
and deliver to your audience in lectures with flip chart and in interactive
mode via games, question and answer and general discussion, free-for-all.
I would allow plenty of time for free discussion with questions answered by
you and others including novices who by answering seek to explore the
subject and gain more knowledge of permaculture for themselves. In other
words, brainstorming. Have them bring books and magazines with them to the
meeting to show others that they think might be Permaculture-related. My
introduction to permaculture involved a learning session of that sort that
included a display of literature on permaculture, natural agriculture,
homesteading and the social aspects of permaculture. This was followed with
learning opportunities that involved visiting fellow students' farms and
homesteads to brainstorm and find permaculture solutions to problems they
had at their sites, things such as drainage, livestock forage, cropping,
soil quality and more.

Go to the message archives for this list and look at them month by month.
Pick the sort by subject or thread options and look at the subject headers
for the messages. This should give you plenty of ideas for topics to
include in your lectures and workshops. There should also be notices of
similar events with lists of topics that would be presented. If you need
more information to include with the topics you cover you should find
plenty of that in the messages in the threads. Also just do searches using
Google for similar resources. A few key words might include permaculture
ethics, principles, methods, design, community, agriculture, architecture,
landscape, and more.

Here is something I found with a Google search:

"weave ecologically sound design patterns that connect the earth, people,
plants and animals
theory and practice of permaculture, in-depth learning providing a working
knowledge of permaculture
design and implementation. hands-on projects, lectures, discussions, slide
shows, field trips and design projects"

         * Permaculture philosophy and methodology
         * Observation skills and site analysis
         * Natural cycles and pattern recognition
         * Ponds, swales and keyline systems
         * Soil building, erosion control
         * Animals and their place in the system
         * Edible landscaping, organic gardening
         * Integrated pest management
         * Agroforestry management and tree crops
         * Appropriate technology and housing
         * Energy conservation
         * Urban permaculture and village design
         * Community economics

Are you located in Sarajevo, Bosnia?

Good luck with your gathering! Please post a report on how it went.

Lawrence London
Chapel Hill, N.C., U.S.A.

> As of now, I am planning on doing a "web of life" game and a simple
> lecture/discussion with a flip-chart. However, I am not sure about the
> lecture part. I would like the workshop to be interactive, playful and
> practical, rather than theoretical.
> With love and gratitude,
> AmirSarajevo
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