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Hi all,

I’ve been enjoying this particular string a lot and am feeling inspired to start contributing more as I am able, because of it.  It is my personal goal to be a sort of “missionary” of permaculture thinking to regular folks who are completely or almost completely unaware of it, which means meeting people where they are, with their Preen and prejudices about backyard chicken keeping and need for “perfect” lawns and gently, but inexorably working at eroding those ways of thinking (like water on a rock).  My approach is twofold - First, I’ve started a landscaping business.  Second, I’m very interested in the need for spiritual and cultural transformation (mentioned in the photo that starts this string) which I think, in the case of our particular culture, means a massive shift in the thinking of Christian churches.  I think of these as absolute “pie in the sky” goals, impossible really, but the world needs the impossible right now, so why not?  

The idea that we need to have a healthy debate came up several times in this string, but I kept thinking “why debate?”.  It seems to me that Americans love to debate and “win” and be right.  My sense as I learn more and more about permaculture is that there is no one right way.  It all depends on the specific situation in space and time and even then there may be several “right ways”.  Seems like discussion and sharing of ideas is what we need, not debate.  

All of that being said, I’m curious:

Is anyone else on this list serve of a similar mind, or doing similar things?  Does anyone know others who are not on this list serve that might be interested in similar?

Looking forward to hearing your answers and contributing more.

Thank you,

Mary Beth

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>>> LL..I do not disagree with your sentiment "Steve, to have to be constantly
>>> reminded of the negative forces we face saps our energy." but I find we
>>> often miss the reality of ewhat actually is. The world is not really a
>>> warm
>>> fuzzy place. Not yet. So to move forward I find we need to see the
>>> freality
>>> first. we need to recognise where we have come from and why, it is all
>>> part
>>> of the pathway..Steve
>> Yes, acknowledge history and current realities then move on and do not
>> look back.
>> Dwell on your survival activities, networking and ongoing progress toward
>> attainable goals.
>> For me that means: split and stack lots of firewood (HEAT), prepare and
>> plant a vegetable garden (FOOD)
>> and do dwelling maintenance, weatherizing, etc. I realized that I still
>> have time for online networking.
>> If you must be distracted by politics, social ideology and war then listen
>> to this podcast by Madeleine Albright
>> interviewed on the Fresh Air radio show last night. It is worth hearing.
>> She has written a book about the subject of her interview.
>> Madeleine Albright Warns: Don't Let Fascism Go 'Unnoticed Until It's Too
>> Late'
>> <https://www.npr.org/2018/04/03/599120190/madeleine-albright-warns-dont-let-fascism-go-unnoticed-until-its-too-late>
>> https://www.npr.org/2018/04/03/599120190/madeleine-
>> albright-warns-dont-let-fascism-go-unnoticed-until-its-too-late
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