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>> LL..I do not disagree with your sentiment "Steve, to have to be constantly
>> reminded of the negative forces we face saps our energy." but I find we
>> often miss the reality of ewhat actually is. The world is not really a
>> warm
>> fuzzy place. Not yet. So to move forward I find we need to see the
>> freality
>> first. we need to recognise where we have come from and why, it is all
>> part
>> of the pathway..Steve
> Yes, acknowledge history and current realities then move on and do not
> look back.
> Dwell on your survival activities, networking and ongoing progress toward
> attainable goals.
> For me that means: split and stack lots of firewood (HEAT), prepare and
> plant a vegetable garden (FOOD)
> and do dwelling maintenance, weatherizing, etc. I realized that I still
> have time for online networking.
> If you must be distracted by politics, social ideology and war then listen
> to this podcast by Madeleine Albright
> interviewed on the Fresh Air radio show last night. It is worth hearing.
> She has written a book about the subject of her interview.
> Madeleine Albright Warns: Don't Let Fascism Go 'Unnoticed Until It's Too
> Late'
> <https://www.npr.org/2018/04/03/599120190/madeleine-albright-warns-dont-let-fascism-go-unnoticed-until-its-too-late>
> https://www.npr.org/2018/04/03/599120190/madeleine-
> albright-warns-dont-let-fascism-go-unnoticed-until-its-too-late
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