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Something being missed in this thread is the role and function of the Earthcare ethics, Bill was adamant that science without ethics was on a precarious path. 

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> On 5 Apr 2018, at 7:37 am, Steve Hart <stevenlawrencehart at gmail.com> wrote:
> Financial reality..new economic theory....before we can realise a way
> forward or even begin to see a pathway is to first fully understand the
> history and where we have journeyed through that. The reality is we have
> been dictated into a world of usery by one very small gang who dictate
> every facet of the monetary system. Perhaps this is one reason why crypto
> is taking off. People finally see a way out of the slavery. so before we
> can move forward we need to recognise what we are part of and the reality
> of how we are enslaved, and have been as part of a very well orchestrated
> plan for centuries.
> So we need to see this and start lighting the fires. Demonstrate rather
> than demonstrate..Steve Hart.
> On 4 April 2018 at 22:13, Lawrence London <lfljvenaura at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> Perhaps John Taylor Gatto is right..our education system has created a
>>>> world full of mooorons.
>>>> The education system is excellent and teachers are skilled and
>> dedicated.
>>> Students have to want to learn and become well-rounded, informed,
>>> knowledgable, employable, skilled adults.
>>> When AI, machine learning, quantum computing, robotics begins to realize
>>> its potential there will be far fewer jobs.
>>> That is why I have advised forming communities physical and virtual,
>>> establish cottage industries, build a free marketing network, find new
>>> careers and livelihoods that are part of local, community economies. I
>>> could go on about this for many ages. Maybe someone else has ideas.
>> One thing I was thinking recently after seeing a traditional Japanese
>> craftsman making beautiful fountain pens from scratch was that I realized
>> the value of small scale businesses of all sorts, people making things or
>> making foods or performing services. Then I thought about how, under the
>> right circumstances, communalism and collectivism need to continue to exist
>> as valued survival tools for humanity, but that those who promote them need
>> to focus more on the people who need it and how they, with the skills they
>> possess, can make use of it, preemptively, i.e. now rather than later or
>> pie in the sky. Money rises to the top of the economic heirarchy like fat
>> on the surface of the brew in the cauldron on the fire. If people don't
>> take control of their lives they will face new difficulties surviving and
>> become dependent not on their own skills but on welfare.
>> In other words support your local economy, the kind that is independent and
>> sustained by the people who need it and who make it work. It is not
>> difficult to see how this can work. It is obvious that what I am proposing
>> is not "taking back the wealth" but creating your own from scratch from
>> work you do alone or with others, generating wealth for yourself and for
>> those others who do the same, within the system they have created to ensure
>> their survival.
>>> Or are we all tooo busy in survival mode or just keeping abreast of all
>>>> subjects in this fast moving changing world.
>>>> All of the above. We would be doing this anyway.
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