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Lives well-lived’ in a time of transition “Where’s the world heading?” “How
should we live?”  “How can we resource ourselves and each other?”

Lives well-lived’ in a time of transition
*“Where’s the world heading?” “How should we live?” “What work should we
do?” “How can we resource ourselves and each other?*

In December 2017, Sterling College hosted a two-day symposium
by the posthumous publication of Dr. David Fleming’s extraordinary books, *Lean
Logic: A Dictionary for the Future and How to Survive it
and its sister publication, *Surviving the Future: Culture, Carnival and
Capital in the Aftermath of the Market Economy

Building on the success of that event, join Post Carbon Institute Senior
Fellow Richard Heinberg (a friend of Fleming’s), The Rules co-founder
Martin Kirk and Sterling College President Matthew Derr for a three-day
course exploring what ‘lives well-lived’ look like in this time of
  Sterling College, 'Surviving the Future' short course
May 17th - 19th
Full details and registration here
As the market economy continues to crumble under the weight of its own
impossible need for perpetual growth, we should admit that for all its
destructiveness, we will miss its essential simplicity, the comforts it
delivers to many and the freedoms it underwrites.  And as capitalism’s
former largesse continues to shrink away, that future is becoming daily
reality for ever more of us.

Now is the time to repair or replace the atrophied social and ecological
structures on which most human cultures were built, as the basis for a
nourishing, cohesive society that might survive the turbulent times to
come.  This is the story of our times, and living it imbues our days with
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Surviving the Future Feature
For a taste of the excitement building around the book watch highlights
from Sterling College's symposium on Fleming's work, attended by over 150
*The Seed Beneath the Snow*
The beautiful trailers from the forthcoming David Fleming film - *The Seed
Beneath the Snow* - have now attracted over 4 million views, and has been
invited to preview at Arizona's Illuminate Film Festival

For the latest on the film, see:
Learn More
*Audiobook out now!* *Surviving the Future* editor Shaun Chamberlin
recently recorded the audiobook. Rob Hopkins also recorded the audio for his
own beautiful foreword

If you enjoy reading through your ears click here to order a copy
to get it free with a trial of Audible).

Also available on Amazon, iTunes and wherever audiobooks are sold.
Learn More
We want to know
*Do you know of a larger upcoming event *whose attendees could use a gift
of *Lean Logic *or *Surviving the Future*, possibly alongside a discussion
like the one led by Shaun Chamberlin at the Transition US national gathering

If so we want to know. Reply to this email with your ideas and we'll
happily pursue any leads!

"I refer to Surviving the Future as my Bible, in that it brings me solace
and helps me to understand the world and my place in it.

I look through its passages and dog-eared pages and it explains to me why
I’m thinking this way; why I feel this way. It’s loose, accessible and
funny, and yet deeply true.

It reminds me, through the language that is unique to David Fleming, why
I’m really motivated, often, to get up in the morning. This work is so
central to what I believe is necessary."

~ Peter Buffett, composer and author; co-president of the NoVo Foundation
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