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Lawrence London lfljvenaura at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 06:13:06 EDT 2018

>> Perhaps John Taylor Gatto is right..our education system has created a
>> world full of mooorons.
>> The education system is excellent and teachers are skilled and dedicated.
> Students have to want to learn and become well-rounded, informed,
> knowledgable, employable, skilled adults.
> When AI, machine learning, quantum computing, robotics begins to realize
> its potential there will be far fewer jobs.
> That is why I have advised forming communities physical and virtual,
> establish cottage industries, build a free marketing network, find new
> careers and livelihoods that are part of local, community economies. I
> could go on about this for many ages. Maybe someone else has ideas.

One thing I was thinking recently after seeing a traditional Japanese
craftsman making beautiful fountain pens from scratch was that I realized
the value of small scale businesses of all sorts, people making things or
making foods or performing services. Then I thought about how, under the
right circumstances, communalism and collectivism need to continue to exist
as valued survival tools for humanity, but that those who promote them need
to focus more on the people who need it and how they, with the skills they
possess, can make use of it, preemptively, i.e. now rather than later or
pie in the sky. Money rises to the top of the economic heirarchy like fat
on the surface of the brew in the cauldron on the fire. If people don't
take control of their lives they will face new difficulties surviving and
become dependent not on their own skills but on welfare.
In other words support your local economy, the kind that is independent and
sustained by the people who need it and who make it work. It is not
difficult to see how this can work. It is obvious that what I am proposing
is not "taking back the wealth" but creating your own from scratch from
work you do alone or with others, generating wealth for yourself and for
those others who do the same, within the system they have created to ensure
their survival.

> Or are we all tooo busy in survival mode or just keeping abreast of all
>> subjects in this fast moving changing world.
>> All of the above. We would be doing this anyway.

Lawrence F. London, Jr.
lfljvenaura at gmail.com

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