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* <http://www.self-willed-land.org.uk>True wilderness** IS A LAND THAT HAS

*It is a self-willed land because plants and animals can thrive there, in
their own unfettered communities*

*No where has been left * * untouched by people in the humanization of our
land, leaving behind a simplified ecology that has lost most of its wild
heritage. * *Wilderness and wildland should be important to us. If you wish
to learn more about this, read some of the articles and learn how giving
land back to wild nature would make some of Britain's landscapes
self-willed again*

Self-willed land for its own sake will only exist in Britain if land is
held inalienably in the public good and that legislation exists to define
its natural wild character, and thus the limits to human intervention

* Mark Fisher - mark.fisher at self-willed-land.org.uk
<mark.fisher at self-willed-land.org.uk>*

* natural vegetation, natural systems, natural processes, ecological
function, trophic occupancy, wild nature, advocacy for wild land & nature,
self-willed land, wilderness*

* WILD - is Willed, Will'd (or self-willed) in opposition to those (whether
men or beasts) who are tamed or subdued (by reason or otherwise) to the
will of others or of Societies - * John Horne Tooke 1805

‘Wild’ is the participle past of ‘to will’; a ‘wild’ horse is a ‘willed’ or
self-willed horse, one that has been never tamed or taught to submit its
will to the will of another; and so with a man - Richard Chenevix Trench

WILD, self-willed, violent, untamed, uncivilised, savage, desert - * Walter
Skeat 1888*

*Wilderness then means "self-willed-land" or "self-willed-place" with an
emphasis upon its own intrinsic volition - Jay Vest 1985*

*A place is wild when its order is created according to its own principles
of organization—when it is self-willed land* - Jack Turner 1996

* The latest articles are:*

* Travelogue - ten weeks in North America in 2003

Moving past process to outcome – the manifestation of wild land, Sept 2017
<http://www.self-willed-land.org.uk/articles/process_outcomes.htm> *NEW*

Discriminating between the wild and not wild, Aug 2017

Addressing ecological and legislative issues, July 2017

* the Manifesto* <http://www.self-willed-land.org.uk/rep_res/SELF.pdf>
* Rumination, mindfulness and Awe Walks, Jun 2017

* Reclaiming our wild heritage, May 2017

*ADDENDUM: Commitments to nature in party political manifestos *

 *Animales de uñas *- animals with claws, Apr 2017

* Last updated 19 Septemebr 2017 - New article on the drift in the meaning
of "rewilding" pushed by the herbivorists to become the norm*

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