[permaculture] Limits of Growth /Download Digital Copy and Debate 2016 by Tim Jackson and Robin Webster

Wesley Roe and Santa Barbara Permaculture Network lakinroe at silcom.com
Fri Feb 24 13:25:33 EST 2017

'The Limits to Growth' from 1972, which has sold more than 30 million copies worldwide.
It's a quick read, but if you prefer a summary of the book, and/or would like to learn about the debate it sparked, have a look at this paper by Tim Jackson and Robin Webster: http://bit.ly/1XKhr3O <http://bit.ly/1XKhr3O>
Also from website of Donelli Meadows CoAuthor The Limits of Growth 1972- ditigal Copy to download

http://www.donellameadows.org/wp-content/userfiles/Limits-to-Growth-digital-scan-version.pdf <http://www.donellameadows.org/wp-content/userfiles/Limits-to-Growth-digital-scan-version.pdf>


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