[permaculture] Sustainable Local Food Systems: An Analogy | John Ikerd.com

Lawrence London lfljvenaura at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 22:06:00 EST 2017

Sustainable Local Food Systems: An Analogy | John Ikerd.com

"As an analogy, a sustainable local food system might actually be thought
of as the ecosystem of a healthy fruit tree. The tree leaves collect
carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and other elements from the air and, through
living process of photosynthesis, form carbohydrates and other basic
building blocks for food. These basic nutrients provide food for other
living organisms, mostly organisms in the soil that the tree depends on for
its health and productivity. The tree’s limbs and trunk carry a portion of
the carbohydrates to the soil to provide food for the various
microorganisms in the soil. In return, the organisms in the soil make
nitrogen, potash, phosphorus, calcium and other minerals and
micro-nutrients that are in the soil available to the tree."

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