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Amazing, thank you for the valuable information!


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 Brilliant Nic
Thanks so much
These are the examples we need. Hopefully we can develop this network of information experience and models to keep it building. 
Could you supply us with more detail for the potential of other groups worldwide taking it up as a model. 
Nic are you in touch with the coordinators of IPC14 which from what I can gather is in Argentina  maybe 2019 ?
Margaret..do ypu know who the contacts are the coordinators for IPC14. Perhaps Carlos and his networks can link to IPC14 with this very valuable model ?
Steve Hart

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Date: 17 February 2017 at 05:51
Subject: From Carlos Louge
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Hi Steven.
Mi name is Nicolas Sulcic and I work with Carlos in creating alternative monetary ways.
Carlos told me you are involved in the permaculture movement and that we should be in contact.
We hace just create a complementary currency on blockchain for mutual commercial credit at 0% interest rate. Argentina has a 30% inflation rate...
A start we have 80 factories taker over by their workers movement and we are about to include the UTT union de trabajadores de la tierra. 4000 families who produce organic food in the borrows of Buenos Aires. Many more are interested to be included.
Here is the project websiteMonedaPAR - La moneda complementaria Argentina
Here is our company websitewaba - Monedas Complementarias
Here you have Wir Bank wich is a model of what we do but we do it without the bank. Thats why we use blockchain technology.
WIR Bank Report - RAI Television English SUB - YouTube
This is what blockchainHow the blockchain is changing money and business | Don Tapscott - YouTube
Nicolas Sulcic.

Kia ora Ehoa

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