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On Thu, Feb 16, 2017 at 10:12 AM, Georg Parlow <g.parlow at gmx.at> wrote:

> > Eat a lot of turmeric - it is said that is will prevent any cancer.
> > Dump a spoonful on your prepared dishes - don;t cook the turmeric. It
> > actually has a good flavor, subtle.
> Turmeric is a major ingredient of curry. The death-by-cancer rate of India
> is quite low - nr 15 or 20 from the bottom or so. On the 'don’t cook'
> different opinions exist - and since Indians always(?) cook the curry in
> oil before adding anything else, it still seems to work. What is said to
> greatly enhance the availability of the turmerine (or however the active
> ingredient is called) is 1. take it with fat, and 2. combine the turmeric
> with a pinch of pepper (piperitum spp, not chili) - especially the pepper
> is said to increase the uptake of the stuff thousandfold (some sources even
> say 'threethousandfold').

Woe, what good advice! Thanks Georg..

By pepper I assume you mean black pepper.

There are benefits from many spices. Some at the top include cinnamon (not
the cheaper chinese kind because it may have coumarin, a blood, thinner, in
it), ginger and hibiscus, all of which lowers blood pressure. Fish oil is
the standard medical industry treatment for high total cholesteron,
especially the trigliceride component, which should be lesss than 100. Hot
cayenne pepper is life extending and health promoting. I went to a Burmese
grocery store today and bought a bag of dried hot red peppers and a big
bottle of sweet (asian) chili sauce.
I cooked a pot of jasmine rice with a handfull of the hot peppers, dished
it up with the chili sauce. It was delicious and very hot. Spices are new
very emphasized for good health and longevity. Google North African spice
blends. I made my own and cook tofu with it. Does anyopne have an good
recipes that use turmeric as a primary (quantity-wise) seasoning?

Eat lots of raw salads and get plenty of strenuous exercise for good health.

Lawrence F. London, Jr.
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