[permaculture] The Truth About Cancer

Georg Parlow g.parlow at gmx.at
Thu Feb 16 10:12:41 EST 2017

> Eat a lot of turmeric - it is said that is will prevent any cancer.
> Dump a spoonful on your prepared dishes - don;t cook the turmeric. It
> actually has a good flavor, subtle.

Turmeric is a major ingredient of curry. The death-by-cancer rate of India is quite low - nr 15 or 20 from the bottom or so. On the 'don’t cook' different opinions exist - and since Indians always(?) cook the curry in oil before adding anything else, it still seems to work. What is said to greatly enhance the availability of the turmerine (or however the active ingredient is called) is 1. take it with fat, and 2. combine the turmeric with a pinch of pepper (piperitum spp, not chili) - especially the pepper is said to increase the uptake of the stuff thousandfold (some sources even say 'threethousandfold').

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