[permaculture] The Truth About Cancer

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> If you are interested in this subject...IMO everyone should be ? click on
> this link and register for the free 9 part documentary
> TheTruthAboutCancer.com
> <https://3279243.r.bat.bing.com/?ld=d3WmkO02_z8_
> xd0lmtEQTsODVUCUxKZVC9D56zbZi6DBo5AwIurjwd2BtFm_
> 0SRL7DTGGL1nwBeudmftD003XddDXd5MXi9Mw_ujWXmPi7xLusT-zOQFXsCwTTR_
> QH7e3W73Uw7OQrxFy6qd0Db3Fd20HZlnjMfhUusSUF4oe3WafX5Q2G&u=
> thetruthaboutcancer.com%2fquest%2f%3fa_aid%3d550894055d93f%26a_bid%
> 3dd2d500ab%26chan%3db1>

Eat a lot of turmeric - it is said that is will prevent any cancer.
Dump a spoonful on your prepared dishes - don;t cook the turmeric. It
actually has a good flavor, subtle.

Lawrence F. London, Jr.
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