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On Tue, Feb 14, 2017 at 10:55 PM, Steve Hart <stevenlawrencehart at gmail.com>

> Thanks LL..as mentioned there is little written on this subject. But there
> has been a reasonable amount of activity in various circles. This book
> Herman Daly & Joshua Farley
> "Ecological Economics principles and applications"
> is probably the better of the vast subject matter which frames the ethic
> philosophy and principles needed. Perhaps through the Permaculture network
> we can describe examples happening on the ground.  A dutch university
> lecturer  www.jandouwevanderploeg.com/EN/ recently retired , lead one
> avenue of such heralding "Peasantry" along with Angela Hilmi and her work.
> What other examples are we evolving and what are we modelling from.
> Co-operatives and Commons ?? Then the question is how do we evolve such a
> subject wider and bigger.

This is very interesting:


"Rural development stems from combining a wide range of different and often
refigured rural resources in new ways. As a result these resources flow
into new activities, interactions,transactions and networks. The effects of
this become particularly significant when activities and relationships
start to mutuallyreinforce each other. This is when synergy is created;
especially when new town-countryside relations emerge that support the
newly emerging activities and networks.
The contributions in this volume help expand our understanding of the
creative patterns which shape resources, activities, transactions and
networks and which build new relationships between them.
The contributions to this book have been developed in the context of the
ETUDE programme that is conducted (in the period 2007-2009) within the 6th
Framework of the European Union.".

Viva EU but our network needs to be global, something I have been pushing
since the strat of this PXC list.
A facet of a global PC network would incluse a database containing
information related to tools and practices of rural, indigenous people
in every country, a diverse survival guiden for every climate, terrain

> Maybe IPC14 in Argentina could be a good
> launching ground ...Carlos are you in touch with this network ? Who is
> steering this convening ?
> Where is APC3 to be ? on what focus ?

Don't wait or rely on that to start a network that addresses creating
and resource exchange. Do it now and here in the linked discussion forums
we are currently using..

Lawrence F. London, Jr.
lfljvenaura at gmail.com

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