[permaculture] TODAY WEBINAR Feb 9 11am PST Water Security and Aquaculture in High Desert With Wayne Durban

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Thu Feb 9 12:44:02 EST 2017

Wayne Dorband- Water Security and Aquaculture in the High Desert- February 9, 11:00AM PST
The Sustainable Design Masterclass Presents…
Presentation With
Wayne Dorband, Neal Spackman <https://www.facebook.com/neal.spackman.5> and Raleigh Latham <https://www.facebook.com/raleigh.latham>
Water is the most precious and limited resource on the planet. Without improved management we face extreme water crises in the decades ahead. Especially in the deserts and dry regions of the Southwest...the future depends on healthy water sources.
However, what if it was possible to create features that could guarantee water security, fish habitat, and reliable source of food and income? 
On his 100+ acre ranch in Colorado, Dr. Wayne Dorband is creating an aquaculture oasis in the desert, with cascading pond systems that capture and hold years worth of water, and wetland habitats that provide profitable and abundant fish yields.
Needless to say, Wayne's Aquaculture design shows on of the greatest examples for what is possible in the High Desert. An abundant, secure water system, beautiful habitat for people and wildlife, and productive fish systems that provide income.
Join us for the webinar, and learn how to set up productive Aquaculture systems in the high desert.
A complete case study for Ecological Aquaculture in the High Desert
How to create a wetland habitat that provides an abundant water supply, productive fish habitat, and crystal clear ponds.
How to plan out ponds that can capture, hold and filter your water needs for years to come.
The Economics of Small Small Aquaculture. Find out how Wayne created a $75,000 annual income stream that only needs 100 hours of labor a year.
How to grow productive, healthy fish stock that will provide for your family bring in customers.
How Wayne restored the ecology of his ranch by creating cascading pond systems.
Wayne Dorband is a 40+ year veteran serial entrepreneur in the environmental sciences and business.
He has multiple degrees and was a college professor in aquatic ecology, chemistry, and aquaculture. He has founded and successfully built hundreds of companies, taken two companies public, raised billions of dollars of investment funds, farmed and ranched for almost 40 years, and eclaimed degraded aquatic systems worldwide.
In around an hour, Wayne will give a glimpse of his experience reclaiming his Mountain Sky Ranch in CO, which was a historically overgrazed cattle pasture ranch to a water nirvana, with seven profit centers generating over 75,000 in annual income with less than 100 hours per year in maintenance work and minimal costs. Come watch and listen to Wayne show you how


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