[permaculture] Essay on problems with glyphosate, in the environment, residues in food, effects on bees and more by John Redmon

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Essay on problems with glyphosate, in the environment, residues in food,
effects on bees and more by John Redmon

John Redmon

Vaccines have done great good, no argument of that from me. But do you
people realize what is wrong with RoundUp (glyphosate)? I bring this up
because I did two years of genetic engineering research in college in the
early 90s and had four science majors (geology, biology, chemistry and
environmental science).

2,000,000,000+ pounds of RoundUp (glyphosate) are poured on the earth each
year. Glyphosate has four patents: 1) mineral chelator; 2) herbicide; 3)
biocide; 4) anti-microbial (in other words, ANTIBIOTIC). Yes,
2,000,000,000+ pounds of ANTIBIOTIC are poured on the earth each year. By
the way, that’s MUCH greater than antibiotics fed to cattle - and no one
talks about it.

VERY recent research has shown that glyphosate is ALSO a glycine analogue.
Glycine is an amino acid. There are 20-22 amino acids. They’re a big deal.
RNA puts them together to make proteins. When RNA assembles amino acids to
make proteins in our body, if it sees glyphosate (which looks like glycine
- our #1 amino acid), RNA PREFERENTIALLY selects glyphosate over glycine to
make proteins because glyphosate is more electro-negative than glycine. In
PROTEINS! This also indicates that the body doesn’t think glyphosate is
toxic (and that’s bad, bad, bad). The body thinks it’s an amino acid.
Glyphosate used as an amino acid means your proteins fold incorrectly which
alters their function.

Get glyphosate in your gut (from eating things like processed foods) and it
kills your gut bacteria (because it’s an antibiotic). Food (and breast
milk, water, urine, whatever) is now showing up with glyphosate residues
far, far above safe limits. Cheerios was just shown to contain over 1,125
ppb of glyphosate. That’s quadrillions of molecules of glyphosate - each
one of which can be used as an amino acid for proteins. Gut bacteria
communicate with the brain via the vagus nerve. It’s being discovered that
gut bacteria help determine our immunity (and are likely CRUCIAL for our
immunity) and doctors are finally telling us to take probiotics (which we
should ALL do).

The point about vaccines? If a pregnant mother eats poor and processed food
laden with gylphosate residues, the trillions upon trillions of glyphosate
molecules can cross the placental barrier. This affects the TINY, TINY,
TINY fetus’ developing immunity because glyphosate is an antibiotic,
glycine analogue, mineral chelator, etc. The baby is then born (if it even
gets born) with a compromised immunity and then injected with vaccines that
have been developed against NORMAL immunity. The newborn cannot defend
properly against the vaccine antigens. This is a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE problem.

Glyphosate is practically omnipresent. And it’s not getting any better;
it’s getting worse. It’s recognized as safe by our government (approved as
safe long ago - before the science was fully know) and Monsanto (and Bayer,
Dow, DuPont, etc.) pushes and pushes for more and more and more and more …

Hey, by the way, where’s the bees? Glyphosate ruined their immunity (their
gut bacteria) and they can’t defend against neonicotinoids and the like.
They can’t defend against xenobiotics. That’s what’s happening to us too.
And a vaccine is a xenobiotioc the newborn cannot properly defend against.

Lawrence F. London, Jr.
lfljvenaura at gmail.com

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