[permaculture] Oceania bishops appeal for “courageous, far-sighted governance” of climate action in the Pacific

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Thu Feb 2 17:13:41 EST 2017


*“As Bishops, it is nothing more and nothing less than the well-being of
humanity and of the future generations that we have at heart and so we too
cry out for action. Of particular concern to us are rising sea levels,
unusual rainfall patterns, high tides and their devastating impact,
droughts and floods, unpredictable growing seasons and ocean acidification.
These are affecting many of our communities in a harmful way, especially
when there is a combination of some of these phenomena.” (FCBCO
Declaration, November 2016). Photo credit: Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand*

*“Any pretense to outsource the costs of climate change to future
generations is irresponsible and again amounts to cowardly delay tactics.*
This is not only true for Oceania, and other vulnerable coastal areas, but
for the planet as a whole.  We stress that putting Oceania and other
regions which have hardly contributed to global emissions at risk would be
unjust and shameful to the family of nations especially as *feasible
alternatives exist.  On the other hand, limiting global warming to 1.5
degree centigrade would generate real hope for the survival of these* *people
and costs are comparatively moderate. * ‘Political and economic leaders
have to face the fact that the climate discussions are about survival.’
(Anote Tong, former President of Kiribati)

“We Bishops commit ourselves to encourage our own people, leaders included,
to do their part to *foster sustainable and equitable development* and
economic policies in our region and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to
net-zero as soon as possible, or at least by the middle of the century.

“We implore world leaders, especially the *G20 in their next meeting in
2017, to take immediate measures for implementing the Paris Agreement *and
thereby to promote integral ecology and the protection of the earth, our
common home, and the wellbeing of all nations, especially the most
vulnerable (cf.LS13; Chapter: V).”

*Cardinal John Ribat MSC (President), Archbishop of Port Moresby, Papua New

*Archbishop Michel Calvet SM, Archbishop of Noumea, New Caledonia*

*Bishop John Bosco Baremes SM, Bishop of Port Vila, Vanuatu*

*Bishop Colin Campbell, Bishop of Dunedin, New Zealand*

*Bishop Luciano Capelli SDB, Bishop of Gizo, Solomon Islands*

*Bishop Charles Drennan, Bishop of Palmerston North, New Zealand*

*Bishop Vincent Long OFM Conv, Bishop of Parramatta, Australia*

*Bishop Robert McGuckin, Bishop of Toowoomba, Australia*

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