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On Tue, Sep 27, 2016 at 7:33 PM, Linda Ray <lindaray at att.net> wrote:

> You wrote:"...He also said that nuclear war was a
> more serious threat to humnity than climate change. I wish he had not said
> that. He should know better...."Endquote.
> I hear you, but I happen to agree with that statement of his, and here is
> why:Also I am pointing out that nowhere does he say that climate change is
> unimportant, nor to ignore it..

Every time I try to get a nap a new reply boils up from the benthic

Trump has gotten you all worked up about nuclear war. Is it because the
Obama administration is reconsidering the no first stike option
which has been the rule for a long time? Trump is not a team player. This
means a lot. He has already proved that with his treatment of
fellow GOP candidates and politicians, insulting, bullying and threatening.
There is no place for this in these times. The little people don;t exist.
The permaculture movement doesn;t exist. He wants to sow fear and hysteria
and exhort people to abandon their committments and adopt his point of
view. Fine for alt-righters; they work hand in glove with Trump. This is
bad for all the movements that we support and participate in.

Trump is not a team player. He is a moneybags player. Putin is a moneybags
player. The two get along fine. You want to play in their arena of global
greedheads then prepare to bring adequate loot to the game. Trump is unfit
to be in politics. Ignore him.


Lawrence F. London, Jr.
lfljvenaura at gmail.com

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