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Hi Larry,
You wrote:"...He also said that nuclear war was a
more serious threat to humnity than climate change. I wish he had not said
that. He should know better...."Endquote.
I hear you, but I happen to agree with that statement of his, and here is why:Also I am pointing out that nowhere does he say that climate change is unimportant, nor to ignore it.. 

All that Nuclear cr at p (Testing, accidents, and tiny little hotdogging countries posturing, etc.) is part of what has contributed mightily to the onset of climate change, and IMHO is a clear and present danger to this world today. One nuclear strike will do more to accelerate faster climate change than anything else we could do, and that is what I took from that statement, making nukes our greatest danger for the further and faster progression of it.

AFAIAC the awareness of mukes as a contributing cause does not in any way de-prioritize the importance of climate change. It just points out that nukes constitute more of a fast-change threat to the climate, IOW could produce a faster progression of climate change than anything else. Doesn't mean not to address climate change.
Linda :-)

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> Wow Larry, what a great document! Thank you for posting it! It is an
> inspiration to read, and came at the perfect time, at least for me..If
> every home had a kitchen garden, even if only a few containers on the
> porch, we'd all be so much better off..

See the next one I just posted with a collection of tributes.

Yes, that is the way forward, everyone pulling their own weight and helping
those with extra "pounds"(baggage) do so also.

""“We are true time scouts finding places now for what will be needed

“True change is to so change things that it seems natural to everybody but
no-one knows who thought of it.”
“Our best will not be our children’s best.”

Trump mentioned in the debate last night the 400lb hacker sitting on his
bed cracking websites - he could have said that he would be better off
running an urban permaculture farm. He also said that nuclear war was a
more serious threat to humnity than climate change. I wish he had not said
that. He should know better. Well, politicians are still out there
embellishing the memory of Bob Dole by saying that cigarette smoking does
not cause lung cancer. Go figure.

Lawrence F. London, Jr.
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