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Great invitation Skeeta..my heart and gut tells me we all need to be there.
But, my head tells me there is an air of caution needed from the worlds I
have ben researching for far too many years now. This whole drama is a set
up to identify the sectors of society that the authorities can focus on to
eliminate. So with that in mind perhaps we need to think about smarter
strategies to combat such activity. Steve Hart

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> Special Announcement from Terry DuBeau - October 16, 2016
> *Fellow PERMIES:*
> We need you to consider going to Standing Rock, North Dakota this winter -
> or even now!
> The indigenous activists need allies like us to show up to serve in a
> humble way. They were the first "permaculturists" - we took them away from
> their land, their water and their sacred way of life.
> If, you can go you will need your own winter gear and winter tent/tipi,
> etc.
> BE PREPARED TO BE A LEADER - but, take time to make relationships first.
> If, you want to teach cob building - bring the supplies and be ready to
> teach.
> WE NEED you more than ever to get these huge camps of people thru the
> winter months.
> IF, you have questions - email me, but it is best to friend me on FB as I
> post from 6 to 8 sites I trust daily.
> Consider this deeply in your heart. If, you can't make it - pray - for the
> water, the earth and the people.
> Send money.
> I will be going in early November and hope to take a full load of winter
> supplies.
> *THIS* is what they need for the winter:
> *TIPI'S - liners, poles*
> * ONE or more great working SNOWMOBILES with a sled for transporting to
> the medic tents*
> I will be driving thru Montana on HWY. 200 then I 90.
> If you have time to round up these items call me or email me - *LANDLINE
> is best 360-385-9544 <360-385-9544>*.
> *THIS IS THE MOMENT we have been waiting for......*
> Mahalo,
> Terry Du Beau
> ------------------------------
> Terry will soon have a We Care page to collect donations to fund her
> journey.
> The crowdfunding portal known as GoFundMe has many opportunities to help
> get people and supplies to Standing Rock. Follow this link
> <https://www.gofundme.com/mvc.php?route=search&page=1&term=%26quot%3Bstanding+rock%26quot%3B>
> to view them and choose how you can contribute.
> Haven't heard much about the Standing Rock protests? Here's a bit of
> background:
> In the summer of 2016, a group of young activists from Standing Rock ran
> from North Dakota to Washington, D.C., to present a petition in protest of
> the construction of Energy Transfer Partners' Dakota Access Pipeline, which
> is part of the Bakken pipeline, and have launched an international campaign
> called ReZpect our Water <http://rezpectourwater.com/>. The pipeline
> which goes from North Dakota to Illinois, the activists argue, would
> jeopardize the water source of the reservation, the Missouri River.
> Starting in August 2016, protests have been held near Cannon Ball, North
> Dakota. Peaceful protests at pipeline site continue to drew indigenous
> people from throughout North America as well as other supporters. A number
> of planned arrests occurred when people locked themselves to heavy
> machinery. On September 3, 2016, the Dakota Access Pipeline brought in a
> private security firm. The company used bulldozers to dig up part of the
> pipeline route that was still subject to a pending injunction motion; it
> contained possible Native graves and burial artifacts. The bulldozers
> arrived within a day from when the tribe filed legal action. When unarmed
> protesters moved near the bulldozers, the guards used pepper spray and
> guard dogs to protect the site they were told to guard. At least six
> protesters were treated for dog bites and an estimated 30 protesters were
> pepper sprayed before the security guards and their dogs exited the scene
> in trucks. Journalists have been arrested and charged with inciting riot
> while filming and reporting on the protests.
> *A message from the Standing Rock Youth (ReZpect our Water
> <http://rezpectourwater.com/>): "We oppose the construction of the Dakota
> Access Pipeline through the Missouri and Cannon Ball River because it poses
> a serious threat to our water and our land. This campaign echoes our belief
> that together, we can protect our water and our future. Join our mission
> for clean safe water by signing our petition
> <https://www.change.org/p/jo-ellen-darcy-stop-the-dakota-access-pipeline>
> urging the Army Corps of Engineer NOT to sign off on a construction permit
> for the Dakota Access Pipeline. With YOUR help we can work to maintain and
> protect this sacred land."*
>  *“Mni Wiconi”* (Water is Life in Lakota)
> Peaceful protesters are facing a highly militarized force. Mainstream
> media are ignoring the protests.
> ------------------------------
> *Contact Info: *
> Michael Pilarski
> Friends of the Trees Society
> PO Box 1133
> Port Hadlock, WA 98339
> 360-643-9178
> friendsofthetrees at yahoo.com
> www.friendsofthetrees.net
> www.facebook.com/michael.skeeter.pilarski
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