[permaculture] Farmers Poroshenko had called a thief and sent him a pumpkin | true-news

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Farmers Poroshenko had called a thief and sent him a pumpkin | true-news

About two hundred farmers came to the rally against the sale of land and
increase the tax burden in the village Hem Velikobagachansky district in
the Poltava region. Farmers have vowed to block the tractors the
international highway Kyiv-Kharkiv.

“The government is pushing the initiative to sell the Ukrainian land.
Farmers cannot allow this to happen and call to extend the moratorium on
land sales for five years. After all, in war, total corruption and
impoverishment of the population owners of the land becomes not the
Ukrainian people, and only the oligarchs and foreigners. They want to buy
for next black earth, and then surrender to the farmers on lease.
Poroshenko wants to force the peasants to sell land for pennies. So behave
just thieves. We are ready for radical actions and not let the authorities
intimidate you. Independence has not ended. To destroy the Ukrainian
village we will not give,” – said Viktor Galich, Chairman of the
Association of farmers and private landowners.

Their action, the farmers of Poltava supported colleagues who organized
today’s protest near Parliament in the capital. Farmers in the lap put the
machinery and the posters, “this is not bread”, “the New laws will destroy
the village.” Signed three large pumpkins for Poroshenko, Groisman and
Kutova. Asked not to sell the Ukrainian chernozems.

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“The tax burden on farmers will automatically lead to an increase in food
prices. Bread will cost 6 hryvnias, oil – 10, and meat for all 40. We will
be forced to lay these taxes in the price of the products. Previously,
these funds were used for the development of enterprises. Poltava
agricultural enterprises have already cut the number of cows to pay less
taxes. Is the systematic destruction of villages, then it is cheaper to buy
the land from the impoverished population,” says Victor Scocco, Chairman of
the “Agrarian party,” Poltava.

If the moratorium is not extended, the farmers promise a perpetual
overlapping of the highway Kyiv-Kharkiv. Ready for radical actions and are
already preparing automobile and tractor tires.

Recall that farmers are in favour of a moratorium on the sale seemly. Call
to finalize the bill in the expert community and add all the economic
instruments for land market.
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