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What Would It Take to Mainstream 'Alternative' Agriculture?

to point to the rules as the heart of any complex system including our
present social system of inverse totalitarian capitalism.​ Systems
thinkers, seeking to understand the behaviors generated by complex systems,
look for patterns of behavior, then look for structures (both physical and
socio-political) that generate the patterns, then seek to understand the
rules that generate and maintain the structures and patterns of behavior.
Rules generate behavior the way rules in a game cause the behavior patterns
of the players. Here are ways to visualize the system as a causal hierarchy:

​The mental models at the base of the iceberg include rules, in the form of
both cultural rules (customs) and laws. An example of a rule in capitalist
systems that underpins and makes certain behavior patterns obligatory is
the law that requires business to prioritize shareholder compensation above
all other concerns. This rule is essential to sustain capitalist power.

These pyramidal ways of modeling systems confirm Doug's point that deep
system change requires changing the rules. At present I think the
concentration of power and wealth is too great to allow such deep system
change. However, the energy descent as it proceeds will weaken central
power. "Balkanization" is already happening in small degree around the
world. As decentralization proceeds, opportunities will appear for creating
new systems at a smaller scale with different rules.​

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