[permaculture] Cold composting with aeration channels.

Dieter Brand brand.dieter2015 at gmail.com
Fri May 27 07:14:34 EDT 2016

>> I wondered if anyone had experience or ideas on how to best use spent
>> grains from a distillery. I'd like to compost them because I could obtain
>> a
>> fairly steady supply. I don't have any equipment for turning the compost
>> but would be ok with making a pile and letting it mellow for awhile. I
>> have
>> access to steer manure and wood chips as well. I'd love any thoughts or
>> others' experiences.

Why not just let it stay in a pile until its done? It'll compost
eventually even without aeration. It doesn't matter how long it takes
as long as it doesn't require any work.

The next best method is of course mixing it with other material.  I
suppose your spent grains are rich in N, which means you ought to mix
it with a C-rich material.  Wood chips could be an option, except that
I don't like using woody material in compost piles because the typical
compost uses microbes while woody material uses fungus.  I mostly use
grass and weeds as C-rich material.


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