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The publication is free and downloadable from the link which says
‘Kostenlose Onlineversion’ on the web page below. It is in English and
comprises 8 pages. There are also versions in German and French.


*From:* Bayer Erika [mailto:erika... at fibl.org]
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*Subject:* New publication

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

The Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) has released the
following new publication:
Wild bees and pollination (Fact sheet) The fact sheet summarizes the
current state of academic knowledge on the importance of wild bees in the
pollination of wild and cultivated plants. It mentions the known causes for
the decline of wild bees, describes the effects of organic farming and
lists necessary measures for promotion and protection of the pollinators.

We would be delighted if you could report on the new publication in your
medium. Please find attached a personal review copy in PDF format. We
otherwise distribute the publication in printed form only. Further
information about the publication, and its cover page in printable quality,
are available free of charge from the FiBL Shop:


If, when looking around the FiBL Shop (www.shop.fibl.org), you find further
publications you would like to review, we will be delighted to send them to
you. Please simply request a free review copy.

Yours sincerely

Erika Bayer

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