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Permaculture Courses in UK, brightonpermaculture.org.uk

*"Showing, teaching, practising sustainable ecological design"*

*Brighton Permaculture Trust*
What we do

Our projects promote sustainable development, or better still regenerative
development, that leaves us and future generations in a better position.

We promote and use permaculture design process and principles in our

Our work fits into three main themes:
1. Permaculture education

We run courses <http://brightonpermaculture.org.uk/courses/permaculture> in
permaculture design, and all our projects aim to promote permaculture and

We do not receive funding for most of our courses; rather, our courses are
self-financing from those attending them. We aim to make courses accessible
to all through a sliding fee scale.
2. Growing & using fruit as well as related land management

All our projects in this area encompass the permaculture ethics
<http://brightonpermaculture.org.uk/index.php/permaculture/ethics> by
promoting sustainability, providing a focus for bringing people together,
and helping to provide access to healthy food.

Examples include helping communities and school orchards plant orchards
<http://brightonpermaculture.org.uk/orchards/orchardnews>, involving people
in picking and processing fruit
<http://brightonpermaculture.org.uk/orchards/scrumping>, and exchanging
knowledge and expertise
<http://brightonpermaculture.org.uk/orchards/withoutborders> with partners
both locally and internationally.
3. Green buildings

We promote greener buildings and lower-impact ways of living in them in
several ways.

   - We run a series of eco-build courses
   <http://brightonpermaculture.org.uk/courses/ecobuild> in partnership
   with Low Carbon Trust.
   - We co-host events like Green architecture day
   <http://brightonpermaculture.org.uk/courses/greenarchitecture> and Eco
   open houses <http://brightonpermaculture.org.uk/courses/ecoopenhouses>.
   - We're involved in practical build projects ourselves.


Introduction to Permaculture 25-26 June

Forest Gardening 2-3 July

Fruit Tree Grafting 6 August

Scything 20-21 August

Introduction to Permaculture 10-11 September

Apple Day Brighton October 2

Permaculture Design Course 8 Oct– 11 Dec

Green Roofs 29-30 October

Introduction to Permaculture 19-20 November

Planning & Planting a Small Orchard 26 November

Fruit Tree Planting Workshop 27 November


Pruning Old Fruit Trees 21-22 January

Introduction to Permaculture 28-29 January

Practical Permaculture Gardening (provisional date 25-26 March)

Introduction to Permaculture 8-9 April


Lawrence F. London
lfljvenaura at gmail.com

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