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Subject: Bee Gone!
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The bees responsible for one-third of the food we eat are disappearing.
Also disappearing is the scientific research into why bees are
disappearing, and that leads us to ask...

*Why is USDA discouraging its scientific research into the disappearance of
bees?* <http://metrofarm.com>

This Saturday at 9am Pacific, Michael Olson’s Food Chain Radio hosts Dr.
Jonathan Lundgren of the USDA’s Agriculture Research Service Lab in
Brookings, South Dakota for a discussion of the official complaint he filed
alleging USDA retaliated against him for his research detailing how
neonicotinoid pesticides harm bees. USDA has also been invited.

Topics include the extent to which neonicotinoid or “neonic” pesticides are
used in U.S. agriculture; whether neonics are indeed harmless to
pollinators, as manufacturers claim; and how and why USDA appears to be
discouraging research into disappearing bees.

Listen live or recorded on your radio, computer or mobile device: *Food
Chain Radio* <http://metrofarm.com/>  *#1042*

*Sponsor Link:  **How to eat our way to security and freedom.   *
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