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> she explores the underlying forces that constrain and organize
> > ecosystems across hundreds of millions of years, from the explosion of
> > biodiversity in the deep-time Cambrian period, long before the dinosaurs,

> > to the deteriorating condition of ecosystems in the present day. She then

We know how that is happening, there's no mystery, it stares us in the face.
all categories of pesticides
deforestation from logging
loss of biodiversity
widespread ecological damage
elimination of ecosystem and soil stabilizing plant life from
indiscriminate herbicide use
not preserving the best farmland for natural food and fiber production
water pollution from chemical runoff and fracking

all of the above is unacceptable and never needed to happen
if population limiting methods were ubiquitous worldwide there would be
much less demand on non renewable resources and fossil fuels
and greatly reduced negative environmental impact from mankind's presence
on Earth

I forgot war but that's all about people fighting over stuff while ignoring
peaceful, creative, forward thinking methods of sharing

K: print out what I wrote and distribute it at the upcoming NAPC
that would be preaching to the choir, needless to say


> describes characteristics that can fortify ecosystems against species loss
> > and environmental change.

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