[permaculture] [OT] My Vision of the Future (now!)

Linda Shewan linda_shewan at yahoo.com.au
Tue Aug 2 20:36:46 EDT 2016

Wow, I am so encouraged to see love become a central coreto what we are trying to achieve with permaculture. 

In this light I feel the 'obtain a yield' principle is often looked at too narrowly. Ifwe create food, fibre, medicine etc but without heart then what is the yieldexactly? If my soul is not at peace (for example, because I have made adecision based on science that may have reduced costs or increased output but doesn't resonatewith my core being, with my heart) then all the output in the world will notassuage that. For me, my actions need to be 100% connected with my heart, forothers I do understand it is not so critical and I also understand thepressures to create output for $ so I am not being judgemental here, it's justthe way it is for me to be able to live at peace. 

Fear and love do not mix because without fear therereally is only love left. Fear make us not trust, it makes us angry and itmakes us sad. For example when we are fearful that some people are destroyingpermaculture and we want their influence removed we are inciting anger andcreating a lack of trust. In some way we are perhaps also attempting to reducethe edge in the system which is the area where the greatest dynamic lies. So weneed to trust that some bugs in any system are a natural phenomenon and that wedo not need to attack them but allow natural processes to take their course.Those that should will outgrow these influences and others won't. 


Thank you all for your inspiration, Linda

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