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Scott Pittman scott at permaculture.org
Tue Nov 10 06:54:23 EST 2015

I, too am satisfied with the volume of emails.  I have about the same
traffic as Toby from this listserve, over all I get 100 to 150 per day so
this is a very small percentage of my mail.

I hate to lose Jason his comments are always very thoughtful and
informative. Too bad his problem couldn't be solved and that the response to
his query was a bit pro forma and denigrating.


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It seems no matter the setting I still get an email for every post. Could
it be an Ibiblio glitch? Is a kilobyte too small? I don't know about these
things, but I know this listserv needs to be user friendly for it to work.
Presently it's not meeting that requirement.




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