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Lawrence London lfljvenaura at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 23:07:46 EST 2015

On Mon, Nov 9, 2015 at 10:59 PM, Jason Gerhardt <jasongerhardt at gmail.com>

> It's the inconsistency that perplexes me. Why do I get one e-mail a day
> from the listserv for a month and then suddenly I get 15 per day, like
> today? I also sometimes get two e-mails for a single post. I'm not trying
> to change the rules, just trying to understand the wild divergence
> patterns.

You are part of a very small minority that has this going on. If you would
read my posts
you would understand how and why mail from this list is delivered to your
Are you subscribed to this list with two email accounts? If you are set for
digest mode then you will get delivery
every time the total combined message size reaches 15kb whether that spans
several days or is multiple times in any given day.


Lawrence F. London
lfljvenaura at gmail.com

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