[permaculture] space for food self reliance?

Lawrence London lfljvenaura at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 18:44:30 EST 2015

On Fri, Nov 6, 2015 at 5:34 PM, Georg Parlow <g.parlow at gmx.at> wrote:

> (I am in Austria - 8.5 mio inhabitants, and in 2015 about 1 mio of
> refugees came through, and only God knows how much stayed and how much more
> to come. Times are changing fast around here lately.)

Is 8.5 mio = 8.5 million?
Secure your situation. Get those communities built and operational as soon
as possible. I wish I
could help more but will do whatever I can through this forum. Will you be
affected by the TPP? or TPIP?

Lawrence F. London
lfljvenaura at gmail.com

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