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Dear Friend,

If you are recieving this email, you are obviously someone that wants to be part of the solutions to our world's problems.
What will it really take to create a thriving future for all of life on this planet?
What is a sustainable person?  (And, is that even possible?)
How can you better stand in your gifts to make real impact?
Join us for this free webcast launching the "Pulse of the Movement" Series (free monthly webcast featuring game changing solutions), and learn the Five Keys to Embody a Shift in your life and to share it with others from Samantha Sweetwater - regenerative educator, wilderness guide, author, environmental advocate, and transformational facilitator with 20+ years of experience.

Sustainability Begins Within
- With Samaths Sweetwater

Date & Time: Thursday May 28 12:00 pm PST, 3:00pm EST, (-7UTC)



* If you cannot attend the webcast live, no worries. You can still register and we will email you the recording.

The Exploration

If you're at all conscious, you are painfully aware of the runaway cycles of human-caused planetary change that face humanity and all of life on the planet. You may even be involved in activism or creating new technological or social solutions.

There are innumerable, immensely complex problems. In whole systems thought, we call these wicked problems. And, they are. 

But, the answer to complexity is not always more complexity. Sometimes simplicity yields the best results. 

Join us for a one-hour free webinar to learn some essential tools to do the inner work that's needed for sustainability. 


About Samantha Sweetwater 

Samantha Sweetwater is a regenerative educator, wilderness guide, author and advocate. In her 20+ years of experience as a transformational facilitator, she has helped tens of thousand of people to walk deeper into harmony with their personal dreams and the collective dream of a viable future. Her upcoming book - More Life, Please is a guidebook for living an awesome life while co-creating a thriving future for ALL of life. Samantha is the founder of Dancing Freedom & The Peacebody School. Find out more, visit: www.SamanthaSweetwater.com.

Initiation / Vision Quest: 
An Ancient/Contemporary Rites of Passage

Want to Dive Deeper? Join Samantha and an amazing support team this summer for a six day journey integrating rites of passage, dance, yoga, community mirroring, permaculture immersion, sweat lodge, vision quest and other ceremonial allies to uncover, recover and remember who you are.

July 31-August 5, 2015 

Seven Seeds Farm & Grey Back Mountain Southern Oregon

For More Information Click Here

Towards Inner & Outer Resiliency,

Jay Markert ("Jay Ma") 

Living Mandala - Director of Programs
Organizing Education, Events & Initiatives for Personal & Planetary Transformation

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