[permaculture] Oklahoma City continues to persecute my poor urban garden area

Bob Waldrop bob at bobwaldrop.net
Fri May 22 22:35:59 EDT 2015

Oops, looks like the pictures didn't go through.  So I added them to my 
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On 5/22/2015 3:59 PM, Bob Waldrop wrote:
> Oklahoma City Code Enforcement is claiming that I can't have anything 
> taller than 18 inches between the sidewalk and the street. The guy 
> cited "Section 59" of the Municipal Code, but refused to give a 
> paragraph or subsection number.  This is brand new.  I have 16 years 
> of experience with code enforcement and this is the first time anyone 
> has made this claim.
> So I am appealing the order and will have a hearing on June 2nd at 2 PM.
> You would think people have better things to do than persecute me for 
> growing ... welll. . . here's the list of plants growing in that 
> section of my lawn. Also some pictures.  Obviously I am a demented and 
> evil person for doing this, lol.
> The mayor's email is mayor at okc.gov if you want to let him know what 
> you think about this kind of persecution.
> Bob Waldrop, Oklahoma City
> Jerusalem artichokes
> Comfrey
> Blueberries
> Blackberries
> Oregano
> Walking Onions
> Nanking cherries
> Prairie roses
> Maximilien sunflowers
> Liatris
> Butterfly weed
> Butterfly bush
> Yarrow
> Native sunflowers
> Scarlett runner bean
> Loofa vine
> Morning glories
> Cannas
> Delphinium
> Eupatoria
> Lambs ears
> Hollyhocks
> Prickly pear
> Hairy vetch
> White Dutch clover
> Ornamental grasses
> Pole beans
> Alfalfa
> Daylilies
> Buffalo currants
> Crimson clover
> Here are some pictures of the abundance Oklahoma City wants to destroy!
> bobs urban garden 1okc urban 2okc urban 3okc urban 4

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