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> Who is the expert on this ? is there a manual ? Then how do we measure
> carbon in pasture ?..ditto ?
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We calculate total C using 50% of LOI.  Sometimes, C can reach 60%,
however, in the practical sense - such as considering C:N - this
imprecision matters little.  This is a standard accepted method used for
years.  Running soluble C requires an $80+k instrument requiring ultra-pure
He and O2.  Then, there is the maintenance contract.  We don’t have enough
requests for soluble C analysis to justify the investment and expense.
Remember that we specialize in soil fertility, plant nutrition and
irrigation water quality management, and our core business is delivering
remarkable field performance and saving farms.  Accordingly, aside from
heavy metals and certain other tests, we restrict ourselves to analyses
necessary to achieve those goals.  Watch for expanded Si analysis of
plants…  We’ll soon announce comprehensive mineral nutrients tests on
fruits and vegetables to assay nutrient density.


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