[permaculture] Ignore the anti-vaccination mindset

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On Wed, Mar 25, 2015 at 7:35 PM, Toby Hemenway <toby at patternliteracy.com>

> The problem with self-educating is that we tend to gather only information
> that supports our position, and ignore (or nowadays, fail to search for)
> info that refutes it. Data that refute a position are far more important
> than data that support it. This is particularly a problem in highly
> educated people who have not been taught how to think critically, and there
> are many of them. They are great at data collection and confirmation bias,
> and terrible at data analysis. Of course it’s the educated who don’t
> vaccinate: they read all the scary stuff.
> The main problem with not getting vaccinated, regardless of how you feel
> about the safety of vaccination, is that those who do not get vaccinated
> become the sole carriers of diseases that would otherwise become extinct or
> extremely rare, like measles in the US (the deaths are all in the
> unvaccinated). Vaccine avoiders put others at risk, and make other people
> sick. So avoiding vaccines is a social problem, and not so much a health
> issue.
> Toby
> http://patternliteracy.com

The risks from not getting vaccinated are so obvious and so much in the
news these days. I did not want anti vax propaganda stashed in the message
archives for this list in case some self educating person might find it and
connect it with permaculture. Hiding behind and using permaculture as a
tool to promote anti vax would be unconscionable and outrageous. The anti
vax community should concentrate their efforts on pressuring Pharma to find
and use alternatives to toxic substances used to preserve or otherwise
stabilize vaccines,
even if it results in vaccines costing more. Less immunizations due to
increased cost should be avoided as well.

I came through the polio epidemic. There was no vaccine to prevent it at
that time. I was later immunized. All my pediatric care came from my Uncle
and I was vaccinated on a regular schedule throughout childhood,
thankfully. Thimerosol may have been used as a preservative then. The only
side effect I ever noticed was a sore arm. If that was the only way
vaccines could be made available back then, so be it and live with it. That
was then, this is now. Giving small amounts of mercury to a child under
seven with a brain that is developing is obviously not a good idea nor is
adding lead to paint. It was in the paint on my bedroom wall and on my
crib. Toxic substances should be eliminated from any products a developing
child has contact with. This includes pregnant mothers contact with
tobacco, alcohol, recreational drugs
and chemical byproducts and residues from chem/gmo ag-sourced foods,
household products and vehicle and industrial emmissions.
Naturally grown food sourced locally from small gardens and farms should be
consumed. The risks from eating food containing residues of roundup
herbicide or any neonicotinoids should be avoided at all cost.

Avoiding toxics in vaccines, if they still exist, is not worth the risk of
someone catching and spreading some debilitating or deadly disease,
especially ones that are progressing toward being completely eliminated
from the Earth.

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