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*Terrain.org: A Journal of the Built + Natural Environments* is journal
publishing online since 1998 that searches for the interface — the
integration — among the built and natural environments that might be called
the soul of place.

It is not definitely about urban form, nor solely about natural landscapes.
It is not precisely about human culture, nor necessarily about ecology. It
is, rather, a celebration of the symbiosis between the built and natural
environments where it exists, and an examination and discourse where it
does not.

The literary, journalistic, and artistic works contained with *Terrain.org* are
of the highest quality, submitted by a variety of contributors for a
diverse audience, including some of the finest material previously
appearing in *Terra Nova: Nature & Culture*. The works may be idealistic,
technical, historical, philosophical, and more. Above all, they focus on
the environments around us — the built and natural environments — that both
affect and are affected by the human species.

*Terrain.org* strives to be both a resource and a pleasure, a compass and a
shelter. Technical and journalistic works contained in the Nonfiction
<http://terrain.org/category/nonfiction/>, Unsprawl
<http://terrain.org/category/unsprawl/>, Reviews
<http://terrain.org/category/reviews/>, Interview
<http://terrain.org/category/interview/>, and perhaps even Editorials
<http://terrain.org/category/editorials/> sections are aimed at
professionals and other interested individuals and groups. These
contributions can help communities develop and redevelop in a more
sustainable manner. Literary and artistic works contained in the Poetry
<http://terrain.org/category/poetry/>, Nonfiction
<http://terrain.org/category/nonfiction/>, Fiction
<http://terrain.org/category/fiction/>, Editorials
<http://terrain.org/category/editorials/>, ARTerrain
<http://terrain.org/category/arterrain/>, and To Know a Place
<http://terrain.org/category/to-know-a-place/> sections allow the reader to
relax and enjoy the pieces for what they are. All work contained within
*Terrain.org* is, we hope, accessible to all interested audiences. While a
case study may help a community planner in his or her job, it may also
inform a banker, inspire a student, and educate a mechanic. While a poem
may give joy to a teacher, it may also provide a brief sojourn for a
scientist, give cause to reflect for a developer, and give hope to a
housewife (or househusband). We are also seeking videos, and hope to build
out that new genre over the upcoming issues.

The works contained within *Terrain.org* ultimately examine the physical
realm around us, and how those environments influence us and each other
physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

So brew up a pot of cybertea, rest your feet upon that favorite desk, and

For further information, view the following sections:

   - The Editors <http://terrain.org/about/editors/>, to learn more about
   *Terrain.org’s* editors and our national editorial board
   - Awards and Good Words <http://terrain.org/about/awards-and-good-words/>
    about *Terrain.org *– and* Terrain.org *in the News
- Attend one of our Events <http://terrain.org/about/events/>

You are always welcome to contact us <http://terrain.org/contact/>.

*ISSN 1932-9474*

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