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International Permaculture Research network. 

This page is dedicated to supporting a vibrant, diverse International Permaculture Research network. It is managed by the Permaculture Association in Britain as part of their International Research Project.

Supporting the development of an international permaculture research network is one of the projects the Permaculture Association is currently focussing on.

Worldwide, there is a lot of amazing permaculture related research taking place, in the academic as well as the practical field. However, we think that there is a great potential in improving co- ordination and flow of information in regard to who is conducting what kind of research.

An increase of co-ordinated research concerning permaculture has a great potential to make permaculture more attractive to policy makers, academics and the public. Furthermore, it can facilitate knowledge exchange, learning and co-ordination amongst practitioners.

Find out more at: http://permaculture.org.uk/our-work/international-research

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