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This came to my email unsolicited with no link to unsubscribe.  I have a
deep suspicion of anyone who keeps piling on the goodies to sell me
something.  I'm surprised there is no Batman mask and a Green Lantern ring.

This is the most odious form of capitalism and it contaminates permaculture.


"To change something build a new model that makes the existing model
obsolete"  Buckminster Fuller

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You are getting this email because you are registered for the forums at
permies.com. I think it has been about a year since I have sent you all an

I have a kickstarter that has an update for my rocket mass heater DVDs. Not
only are the new DVDs professionally videoed with professional sound, but I
want to make sure that my kickstarter supporters get FAR more goodies than
the people that get into this stuff later.

For this new kickstarter I've made it so that for just $1 you get:

- a micro documentary about rocket mass heaters 
- 19 podcasts about rocket mass heaters (25 hours) 
- (optional) public thanks 

For $2 you get that plus:

- Full "how to plans" for the beautiful "bonny" rocket mass heater
(currently selling for $25) 
- The Rocket Mass Heater in a Greenhouse plans (not yet released) 
- The Permaculture Playing Cards eBook 
- Podcasts 201-280 

For $3 you get that plus:

- pdf "3 Stoves for $3 or Less" 
- album "Permaculture: A Rhymer's Manual" by Formidable Vegetable 

 At $5 you get that plus:

- The streaming version of the full DVD "Fire Science" 
- Access to the permies.com secret inner circle 

 And more and more and more until you can get all four of the full length
DVDs as a download (plus everything listed above) for $40.

If nothing else, please check out the video for this - I think it turned out
really good!

The thread about it at permies, complete with video, pictures, comments and


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