[permaculture] Utah Water Harvesting

Jason Gerhardt jasongerhardt at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 22:43:25 EST 2015

Hi Rhonda, Scott,

The best part of the video to me is at the last second when the camera
shows how much water is running down the street as a missed opportunity.
Even in a climate that only gets 9 inches of rain a year urban runoff is

Rhonda, glad to hear you're up to great things! I've been watching the PC
Activist campaign and will step in at the end if needed. That's the edge I
usually work when it comes to crowdfunding. Keep up your great work,
including wise child-raising!

Glad to hear your courses went well in Costa Rica! Arina told me the PDC
was hugely successful with some 40 people. Surely you and Durga rocked
their world views. Looking forward to catching up soon!





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