[permaculture] A brief essay on the acceptance and adoption of permaculture on a global scale.

Lawrence London lfljvenaura at gmail.com
Tue Jun 30 13:44:01 EDT 2015

A brief essay on the acceptance and adoption of permaculture on a global

Acceptance of permaculture in a society that wholeheartedly embraces
systems with issues that permaculture seeks to address concerns almost the
entire permaculture movement, that of adoption of permaculture principles,
methods and practices and all aspects of natural agriculture and renewable
energy in people's lives. Natural, local, community-based artisanal,
sustainable, regenerative food production systems have a place in people's
lives and they need to demand access to them. We need parallel systems to
provide for people's needs, the mainstream and the local, natural,
nationally networked. I envisioned a system I call a national product and
services production marketing and distribution network, NPSPMDN. They can
work in tandem. Most of us prefer local sources for the goods we need
daily. In many locales there is no real traditional, grassroots, affordable
foodshed and most shop at chain supermarkets. People can vote for the
permaculture option with their feet, keyboards and pocketbook.
Permaculture, in one form or another is here to stay. One just needs to pay
attention and practice it correctly. It evolves in one's life and becomes
more important by the day occupying more lifestyle space as one realizes
how well it works in so many facets of their lives. The literature,
photographs and videos on the subject are extensive.
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Onward with permaculture, let nothing get in the way. It is the ultimate in
living creatively and peacefully, overcoming seemingly insurmountable

The permaculture movement got its start in the early seventies with roots
extending back to early twentieth century agriculture, rural and urban
living and experiments in and new thinking and writing about agriculture.
The glorious sixties, that magnificent cultural renaissance, was the
perfect catalyst for giving birth to the permaculture movement, solidified
by Bill Mollison and many other innovators as well as those involved with
the birth of the organic agriculture movement such as Alan Chadwick, John
Jeavons, Eliot Coleman and many more outstanding people.

That parcel of space a person occupies is the perfect place to start
practicing permaculture whether it be an apartment, a house, an intentional
community, coop housing or rural space/farm/village. I like the term
Peasant Sovereignty. We are Permaculture Peasants seeking Sovereignty.
Obviously that space should be in some kind of nurturing environment,
friendly locale, supported by local government and existing communities.

Think of Permaculture as the Google (or pick something else useful and
ubiquitous) of socio-eco-green-economic movements - kind,
nonconfrontational, peaceful, everybody likes it and gets something of
value out of it. We need global adoption of permaculture now, yesterday,
decades ago; it needs to become ubiquitous and provide for the sustenance
of all who practice it.

Lawrence F. London
lfljvenaura at gmail.com

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