[permaculture] IPC Values ?

Koreen Brennan koreenbrennan at gmail.com
Tue Jun 30 07:20:35 EDT 2015

I agree that we need to challenge ourselves out of the weed stage, to
constantly strive to become better designers, and to consistently challenge
our ideas. I welcome any push to do so.  I think it is essential for the
movement to do so in fact.

But for me, stating that "No one giving keynotes at IPCUK is a decent
designer" falls under the category of ad hominem attack. It is a
generality, it offers no specifics as to what is wrong with any of these
people's designs, or what specific criteria Steve is judging design ability
on. I have my doubts that Steve has looked at many of these people's
designs. It is difficult to respond to ad hominem attacks because there is
no substance to them, it is a lazy way to "debate." Negative emotional
responses are often a product of such an attack.

How can we increase our capacity as designers while demonstrating the
permaculture ethic of people care? Are personal insults and sword rattling
really the best way we can come up with to do this?  Can we apply the
design principles to how we treat each other? And if not, I'd like to
respectfully ask that we at least consider using specifics when accusing
others of incompetence, as those accusations can then be specifically
addressed or adjudicated. And the movement and our abilities as designers
can actually be strengthened.

Best, Koreen

On Mon, Jun 29, 2015 at 7:55 PM, Jason Gerhardt <jasongerhardt at gmail.com>

> Steve,
> I think you're barking up the wrong tree with Darren, and at least several
> other of the speakers listed on the programme, of which Darren wasn't one
> that I noticed. Not that they need anyone to defend them. I missed this
> whole conversation while teaching a phenomenal PDC with Scott overlooking
> the glorious Rio Grande Rift.
> I just looked at the IPC website. Geoff is on the top of the sponsors list.
> I'm sure he paid for that, not that there's anything wrong with that. Are
> you sure your problem isn't mostly with him though? His website is awfully,
> um, how do you say...if you buy my films you too can learn to flip houses
> and make a million...auto-cue melodic angel music...the savior has
> come..and if you call right now, we'll send you TWO films for the price of
> FREE! On the internet it's always 1am with no programming left somewhere.
> My point being I would hate to see Darren thrown into the same lot.
> Jason
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