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> Thank you Lawrence - this is a very valuable study, and very relevant
> results:
> a) the UVI system developed by Rakocy DOES work under greenhouse
> conditions as well
> b) the yields of tomatoes and cucumbers have been HIGHER than in pure
> hydroponics (!) - which is in my eyes most impressive, because in 2013 and
> 2014 I have been working in a hydoponic tomatoe greenhouse (1.5 ha), and
> the yields there are enormous.
> c) food safety issues (which have been voiced as major consumer concern in
> surveys) have been tested and can be checked off - no common parthogens,
> less overall contamination than field grown produce.
> Cool!
> Georg

Remember The New Alchemy Institute at Cape Cod? Aquaponics got a good start
when advanced building materials and solar technology was just getting
Kalwall translucent glazing panels were standard then. John Todd was
involved with that experimental project.
Here is information about him and his work, also more .pdf's on aquaponics
and hydroponics.

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I got that link from another Ello (social media) user in response to my
post about this,
which might be of use to you and other owner-builders:


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