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Tue Jun 16 11:46:07 EDT 2015

On Tue, Jun 16, 2015 at 11:02 AM, christopher nesbitt <
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> One of the things the IPC makes possible is the broad dissemination of
> information and the meeting of people who might otherwise not meet.

For many like me who might want to become a permaculture practicioner with
at least some of the knowledge you would get from a PDC,
enough to move forward, gaining valuable experience based on that
knowledge, going beyond existing permaculture literature by learning from a
formal, organized permaculture design course that is online, what is
currently available and recommended. I realize that having everything you
would get from an expensive, lengthy PDC on the ground in an online website
offering those materials for free would/could impact the incomes of those
offering such courses and workshops for a fee. Is there a middle ground so
that low income people can still get world class permaculture instruction
for free or at low cost. Scott has provided an outline of his course and I
have added it to the homepage for this list. It would seem that there might
be a middle ground where talented PDC instructors might be willing to
contribute to
an online permaculture community PDC project; maybe offering 25 to 50
percent of their commercial offering for free in some well prepared
website; or maybe each offering 10 percent, which collectively, with each
instructor contributing something unique, could create a complete course.
This could be great advertisement for the professional community and
increase enrollment in their PDC offerings.
Actually all this could be done using Google's free resources: website,
discussion group, maybe a blog, maybe a Google+ page or community or group
project, Docs, Drive and spreadsheets (we did a seed saving spreadsheet in
Google Docs sometime back and it is still active). Anyone have any thoughts
on this or actually want to start such a project? I am fairly experienced
with Google's free resources so could lend a hand with that aspect of a
project (I would rather stick with what Google offers rather than branch
out into Wordpress, FB or other media). I can offer some things that
ibiblio offers too such as recycled mailing lists like this one and a
website I own at ibiblio called Permaculture, which provides many tools for
commmunication especially since I build it from the Linux side of things.
Thoughts? - LL

Lawrence F. London
lfljvenaura at gmail.com

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