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Subject: Abya Yala News: Biodiversity issue

SAIIC is about to release the next issue of its journal Abya Yala News.
This issue focuses on Biodiversity and Indigenous Knowledge.  Abya Yala
News presents news and analysis from Indigenous movements in Latin America.
It is available in English or Spanish and is free with a $25 individual
SAIIC membership, $15/year (4 issues) for low-income, $25 for social
justice groups, $40 for institutions (for Canada and Mexico add $5, for all
other international memberships, add $10).  Send subscription requests to:

PO Box 28703
Oakland, CA  94604

The contents of this issue (Vol. 8, No. 4) is as follows:

Perspectives on Biodiversity and Indigenous Knowledge
Community Integrity, Biodiversity and IPR
Safeguarding Indigenous Knowledge
The Human Genome Diversity Project
Case of the Guaymi Patent
COICA on Biodiversity and IPR
Guiding Biodiversity Collections
Development and Biodiversity in the Andes

Free-determination and the States: Commentary on Barbados III
Mapuche Launch NAFTA Campaign

Self-determination and Territory
Negotiating Maya Rights

Environment and Development
Update: Panamerican Highway
Hidrovia Mega-project

Interview with Carmen Irnamberna

Chiapas Update

Human Rights
Brazil: Crimes Go Unpunished
Organization and Communication
Calendar of Events

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