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> From the german research institute for permaculture and transition, I have
> a strong recommendation of Herwig's book - The Mould Sphere /Humussphaere/.
> I think the book is only in German, also the web-page of this german
> research institute.
> Herwig is awarded with the Francé-Medaille 2010 for biological thinking
> and his contribution in creating of the mould /humus/ sphere ...
> Forschungsinstitut für Permakultur und Transition »
> Permakultur-Forschungsinstitut
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> | Forschungsinstitut für Permakultur und Transition »
> Perm...Praktikumsbericht, Neuerscheinung: Ewiger Wald, Publikationen des
> Forschungsinstitutes (FIPT), Aktionsheft Nachhaltiges Allgäu: Die fünfte
> Auflage ist erschienen,... |
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> ;

Thanks a million for this valuable feedback, Donka!

Humus, mould (woods mould), fungi, bacteria, compost, soil quality, tilth,
fertility are a special interest of mine.
There are many factors affecting soil enrichment especially in a no or
minimum till garden environment. His video shows how this works.
Here is a document I maintain with some interesting reference material in
and also here; maybe the active links will come through:

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Soil Foodweb <http://www.soilfoodweb.com/phpweb/>
Soil and Health Library <http://www.soilandhealth.org/index.html>
The Future is Abundant <http://csf.colorado.edu/perma/tilth/>
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Clay-Humus: The Seat of Soil Fertility
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