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Toby Hemenway toby at patternliteracy.com
Sun Jun 14 14:51:12 EDT 2015

Steve— is there a place where the IPC discussion can be seen on-line, or is it via private emails? A link to where it’s happening would be much appreciated.

I have never been to an IPC. The huge trave/lodgingl expense ($3000 or more) and crazy carbon footprint makes it a non-starter so, And I confess that because I usually get paid well to give talks, I’m spoiled. I live simply and to pay that much out of my own pocket is a hurdle for me. I don’t have an institutional affiliation or grant to pay for it.


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> On Jun 14, 2015, at 9:14 AM, Steve Hart <stevenlawrencehart at gmail.com> wrote:
> There is an interesting discussion evolving which needs far wider debate
> and discussion to evolve more meaningful ends for greater value.
> IPC, The International Permaculture Conference has a chequered history but
> also rich diverse and valuable for we know Permaculture has international
> solutions to offer, as well as local.
> Aligned to this is the evolution of energies to move different sectors of
> Permaculture forward positively. Great work is coming out of the PAssocUK
> in these areas.
> However we still need to assess all moves and motives with clarity and
> honesty.
> I have been personally involved in the IPC activity from the beginning and
> remain keen to continue its value and service to the greater community both
> within the fraternity and outside.
> ​The IPC is our flagship international event. In my opinion it deserves to
> be respected as an international event and present international issues,
> global issues, ​inviting a global array of presenters, including most of
> all global key note speakers.
> The upcoming IPC in London is our 12th international conference. All
> conferences have been traditionally titled with the number in this case it
> will be IPC12. Tradition has shifted or is it marketing/promotion and
> imaging or is it a diversion of focus to grandise it for personal motives ?
> IPCUK ? When it is not a UK conference, it is an international conference.
> It is in England. It is not the Permaculture conference of England or
> United Kingdom. It is our international conference, with the UK
> Permaculture association being the hosts.
> The whole IPC12 is titled IPCUK it has become an England
> marketing/promotion campaign and totally overloaded with English speakers
> who have little or anything at all to offer the subject at any level let
> alone developing any international Permaculture solutions and debate.
> The promoted  Theme of IPC12 is "*Designing* the network we want - for
> people from *around the world* using permaculture in their everyday lives
> and *communities*." So my argument is, where are the designers in the key
> note speakers ? and where is the around the world communities?. Is there
> something missing or have I missed it ? None of the key note speakers are
> designers, none have any successful design solutions. None are involved in
> developing honest design initiatives.
> As mentioned we have a chequered history in these events. There has often
> been debate in whether we need an international structure with an entity to
> assist in the delivery of all things needed. Presently there is none. I do
> applaud PAssocUK for taking the initiative in a strategy to evolve such an
> entity. We need to come on board here and express our opinions but to
> ensure also they are heard and followed through.
> We do not need agendas of self promotion. We need a greater collective
> entity for the whole, for the bigger picture. We know Permaculture has a
> huge amount to offer the worlds issues and problems. We know we have the
> solutions to many if the woes. But we need to act accordingly, as a
> cohesive international entity. We need to feel free to voice our concerns
> and offer solutions.
> I am not sure if IPC12 in London is inviting such a forum for debate and
> workshoping. There is no evidence yet  that it is. But we need to develop
> it, stimulate it and maintain it to evolve the models and solutions we know
> we can offer this world.
> I do look forward to the stimuli
> -- 
> Kia ora
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